Solve problems related to the force between parallel current-carrying conductors
  • As mentioned here, the magnitude of the force between two parallel conductors can be summed up Mathematically as:
\begin{align} F = k\frac{I_1I_2l}{d} \end{align}


  • $B$ is the strength of the External Magnetic Field
  • $k$ is Ampere's constant ($2.00 x 10^{-7}$)
  • $I_1$ and $I_2$are the currents in the first conductor and the second conductor respectively($A$)
  • $l$ is the common/shared length of the conductors ($m$)
  • $d$ is the perpendicular distance between the two conductors ($m$)
  • If the conductors carry current in the same direction, the force is attractive, and vice versa.
  • This is because of the motor effect.