Present Information To Outline The General Use Of Hormone Re

- The adrenal gland secretes aldosterone
- Without aldosterone, the body would not be able to reabsorb salt (specifically sodium ions) and this would cause severe dehydration, and excessive potassium.
- This can result in Addison’s disease, where the adrenal cortex is unable to secrete sufficient aldosterone
- As a result the body ends up with very low salt levels and very high potassium levels
- Symptoms such as weight loss and weakness
- In severe cases the imbalance of ions can cause blood pressure to drop, along with pH – reducing enzyme activity
- If not treated can lead to death or heart failure
- Hormone replacement therapy involves restoring the balance of hormones at levels at are normal for the body, by injecting the body with the appropriate hormones
- Fludrocortisone is an artificial hormone which can be used as a treatment for people who cannot secrete aldosterone (due to a damaged adrenal gland; Addison’s disease). It does the job of aldosterone.