Analyze the forces involved in uniform circular motion for a range of objects, including satellites orbiting the Earth

A rocket launched to the east receives a free 1700kph boost from the Earth's rotation.
Rocket launch planners use the rotational speed of the Earth, about 1200 kph, to assist the launch of their rockets. To reach a low earth orbit ( minimum height needed to avoid significant atmospheric drag- 250km) spacecraft needs to reach an orbital speed of about 30 000 kph.

The launch of a rocket into space should be timed to get an additional 107 000 kph boost from the Earth's orbital speed.
Mission planners also use the orbital speed of the Earth around the Sun, about 107 00 kph to increase the starting velocity of an intro-Solar System rocket. The advantages of this orbital speed. This reason are "launch windows" during which a rocket must be launched. If it is launched outside these windows, the rocket will start its journey in the wrong direction.