Hsc Physics

9.2: Space

1. The Earth's Gravitational Field

The Earth has a gravitation field that exerts a forces on objects both on it and around it

2. Going in and out of Space

Many factors have to be taken into account to achieve a successful rocket launch, maintain a stable orbit and return to Earth

3. Gravity in the solar system

The Solar System is held together by gravity.

4. Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity

Current and emerging understanding about time and space has been dependent upon earlier models of the transmission of light.

9.3: Motors and generators

1. Motors

Motors use the effect of forces on current-carrying conductors in magnetic fields.

2. Generating Electricity

The relative motion between a conductor and a magnetic field is used to generate an electrical voltage.

3. Generators and Power distribution

Generators are used to provide large-scale power production

4. Transformers

Transformers allow generated power to be either increased or decreased before it is used

5. Induction motors

Motors are used in industries and the home usually to convert electrical energy into more useful forms of energy.

9.4: From Ideas to Implementation

1. Cathode Ray Tubes

Increased understanding of cathode rays led to the development of television.

2. Black Body Radiation

The conceptualisation of the model of light led to an understanding of the photoelectric effect and black body radiation.

3. Conductors and Semiconductors

Limitations of past technologies and increased research into the structure of the atom resulted in the invention of transistors.

4. Superconductivity

Investigations into electrical properties of particular metals at different temperatures led to the identification of superconductivity and the exploration of possible applications.

9.8 Option - From Quanta to Quarks

1. Models of the atom

Problems with the Rutherford model of the atom led to the search for a model that would better explain the observed phenomenon

2. Development of Quantum Mechanics

The limitations of classical physics gave birth to quantum physics

3. The Nucleus

The work of Chadwick and Fermi in producing artificial transmutations led to practical applications of nuclear physics

4. Applications of nuclear physics

An understanding of the nucleus has led to large science projects and many applications

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9.1 Physics Skills


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