Modelling the Polymerisation Process

The polymerisation process may be difficult to visualise given the chemical equations. Diagrams are a useful tool for both scientists and educators in understanding the structural process of polymerisation. However, although diagrams, multimedia resources and modelling kits may be useful they do not show the process to a hundred percent degree accuracy, in most cases.

The following is a list of the benefits and limitations of modelling the process.


  • Provides a physical representation of the type and quantity of atoms involved in a molecule.
  • Demonstrates the difference between various bonds in a molecule.
  • Provides a simple representation to aid understanding.


  • Relative sizes of, and distances between the atoms are unrealistic.
  • The dynamic nature of various molecules and their bonds is not shown.
  • Oversimplifies the model.

You may refer to the two different types of polymerisation, condensation and addition polymerisation.