Chemical Equations

Word and Chemical Equations in Production of Materials


This section will show all chemical equations including those that are not required for the HSC. A title will have the '(HSC)' flag if it is required for the HSC.

Thermal Cracking

Cracking of decane

Chemical Equations

C10H22-> 2C5H11 (radicals)

C5H11 (radical) -> C3H7 (radical) + C2H4

2C3H7 (radical) -> C6H14

Word Equations

Decane -> Pentyl radicals

Pentyl radicals -> Propyl radical + Ethene

Propyl radical -> Hexane

(HSC) Cracking of ethane

Chemical Equations

C2H6 (g) -> C2H4 (g) + H2 (g)

$\Delta$ H = +138 kJ/mol

Word Equations

Ethane -> Ethene + Hydrogen + 138 kJ/mol Energy

Catalytic cracking

(HSC) Catalytic cracking of Decane

Chemical Equations

C10H22 (l) -(zeolite)1> C2H4 (g) + C8H18 (l)

Word Equations

Decane -(zeolite)> Ethene + Octane

(HSC) Addition Reactions2


Chemical Equations

C2H4 (g) + H2 (g) -(nickel)> C2H6 (g)

Word Equations

Ethene + Hydrogen -(nickel)> Ethane