3 3 1 Outline The Roles Of Sutton And Boveri In Identifying

Sutton and Boveri Yeet ya Yeet

Theodor Boveri:

  • German Biologist and cytologist
  • Did not only rely on observations but also manipulated aspects of the experiment
  • Carried out experiments with sea urchin eggs
    • Studying the behaviour of cell nucleus and chromosomes, during fertilisation and meiosis

Why Sea urchins?

  • Ideal for experiment due to easy fertilisation
  • quick larval development (48hrs)

The findings:

  • Nucleus of both gametes contribute the same amount (50% each) of chromosomes to the zygote
    • Demonstrated connection between chromosomes and heredity
  • when a sperm and egg fused, resulting offspring expressed characteristics of both parents
  • a complete set of chromosomes is needed for normal development
  • inheritance factors are found on chromosomes
  • Chromosomes are the carriers of heredity

Walter Sutton:

  • Studied meiosis in the cells of grasshoppers
  • Was a young unknown graduate


  • Chromosomes occur in distinct pairs
    • Visible during meiosis in grasshopper cells
    • One is paternal the other maternal
  • During meiosis, the chromosome number is halved and each gamete receives one chromosome from each pair
  • fertilisation restore the full number of chromosome in the zygote
    • 'Hereditary units'
  • Chromosome arrange themselves independently along the middle of the cell and assort independently
  • Chromosomes are units of inheritance

- Nathaniel Tran
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