3 2 5 Distinguish Between The Terms Allele And Gene Using Eg

So, Alleles and Genes… Huh?

Put simply Allele(s) is the specific characteristic regarding a gene,
Whereas a gene is more of a generalisation/categorisation or umbrella term.

Genes: units of inheritance
Allele: Alternate forms of the same gene

Eg: Hair colour

The allele would be the specific colour of the hair (natural, not any of that weird dyed shit) such as brown, blonde or black and the gene would be hair colour

Eg: Earlobes

The allele would be attached or hanging earlobes and the gene the type of earlobe

Eg: Flower colour (rose)

The allele would be the colour of the rose-red or white – and the gene would be rose colour

– Nathaniel Tran

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