3 2 3 Describe Outcomes Of Monohybrid Crosses Involving Simp

Monohybrid Cross

So, when you breed two organisms with the same gene but different phenotype to create a hybrid organism. – Examining only one characteristic.

In Mendel's experiment he bred pea plants together to create new monohybrid offspring

E.g he bred a (pure) dominant tall pea plant (TT) with a recessive short plant (tt)

resulting in a monohybrid cross of all heterozygous tall pea plants (Tt). This plant although containing the short allele did not express it in its phenotype as the tall allele is dominant.

When Mendel then bred two of these offspring together he then noticed that the reccesive allele was expressed in a small number of offspring (in this case a short plant).


From this he noticed then when breeding 2 F1 plants together the F2 would express the recessive trait in a 3:1 Ratio

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