3 1 4 Plan Choose Equipment Or Resources And Perform A First

Super ezy 2 do guys

What you need

  • even amount of green and red toothpicks (i like doing 20 red and 20 green)
  • Timer
  • A grassy area


  1. Grab toothpicks,
  2. Throw toothpicks (into Grass)
  3. Retrieve said toothpicks, (as many as you can) within 30 seconds
  4. Record Results

5. Repeat steps 2-4 at least 2 more times

Explanation for da plebs:

So, you the person who picks up the toothpicks acts as the predator in the natural environment. Where the red and green toothpicks are different types of the same organisms.

As a predator, you would naturally see the red over the green and as such pick out the red toothpicks more often.

This demonstrates natural selection, and how green organism has an adaptive/advantageous trait over the red one.

For those who were wondering!!!

to simulate repopulation of the species, bring along a dozen or so extra red and green toothpicks. After counting how many toothpicks have been retrieved, calculate how many remaining of that colour are left.

Add 50% of that number of toothpicks into the sample space (to simulate reproduction), then carry out with steps 2-4 again.

- Nathaniel Tran
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