2 3 10 Perform A First Hand Investigation Of The Structure O

- Renal capsule: thin layer of cells that surrounds each kidney
- Ureter: transports urine away from the kidney
- Glomeruli give cortex its granulated appearance
- Loops of Henle give the medulla its striated appearance

- Carefully remove the fat from around the kidney.
- Identify and separate the three tubes entering and leaving the kidney: renal artery, renal vein and ureter.
- Observe and draw the external appearance of the kidney.
- Cut the kidney in half, length-wise, leaving the three tubes intact on one side of the dissection.
- Observe the internal appearance of the kidney and identify the cortex, medulla and pelvis.
- Draw a labelled diagram of the longitudinal section of a kidney.
- Dispose of the dissected kidney correctly. Wash the instruments, bench and hands carefully.